Clan MacMillan 7-day Lochaber Gathering and Tour.

Tour the history of one of Scotland's oldest clans and see Scotland in the bargain.

The early MacMillans, as descendants of King Macbeth and his great-great-grandson Cormac the Bishop of Dunkeld, were amongst the greatest of Scottish nobles, and therefore had connections in many parts of the kingdom. Gradually four areas emerged as homes to major branches of the clan: Perthshire, where Cormac’s diocese was based - and in particular the shores of Loch Tay; Inverness-shire, and particularly Badenoch and Lochaber - where the first “MacMillan” as such appears on the record in the 1220s; Dumfries & Galloway, and particularly the Glenkens - where the third documented "MacMillan" appears in the first decade of the 14th century; and Argyll, particularly Knapdale - where the clan is remembered in stone on the great Celtic cross erected towards the end of the 15th century.

The "Castles & Movies" Tour: Lochaber and Knapdale

"Clan 'ic 'illemhaoil Abrach" (Clan MacMillan of Lochaber) formed one of the leading branches of the original Clan Chattan confederation, and in the 14th century were involved in a long and bloody feud – which included "The Battle of the Clans" in Perth in 1396 - with the ancestors of the Macintoshes for the leadership of Clan Chattan. Following the victory of the Macintoshes, and the flight of the last member of the MacMillan chiefly family to Knapdale, the remaining MacMillans in Lochaber attached themselves to the Camerons, and using the old Gaelic form of their surname, MacGhillemhaoil, they became known as the MacGilveil sept of Cameron. Though increasingly confined to the wild west end of Loch Arkaig, they remained a potent fighting force on whom the Cameron chiefs relied right up to the battle of Culloden in 1746 where the MacMillans fought in Locheil's Regiment as a separate company commanded by their own chief, Macmillan of Murlagan.

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The "Time Travel" Tour: Tayside and Galloway

Tradition has it that the MacMillan chiefs were evicted from their lands on Loch Tayside, at the king’s orders - and with difficulty ("letters of fire and sword" being required) - in the middle of the 14th century; and in 1396 they were required by the king to fight a duel against the ancestors of the Macintoshes (30 against 30) at a royal tournament in Perth ("The Battle of the Clans") which they lost. Though these setbacks confined the chiefs to their more westerly lands - in Knapdale and Lochaber - many MacMillan families continued to live on the shores of Loch Tay, and elsewhere in Perthshire.

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