Highland Roots Ancestral Tours
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Travel recommendations

Considerations for preparing for your Highland Roots Ancestral Tour. The better prepared, the more enjoyable you’ll find the experience.

Passports, visas, customs

- A valid passport, best if current within 6 months prior to and after the tour dates

- Must meet UK immigration requirements

- USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand visitors can stay up to 6 months with a return ticket and funds to cover the trip

- Know the rules regarding what you can bring into Scotland and whether tax applies.

- See a government website addressing entry to the UK with an overview of these issues and more.


- Expect rain, bring rain gear

- Temperatures will be chilly (even in summer), bring warm clothing and dress in layers

- Expect long walks, bring comfortable walking shoes


- Have a letter from your physician confirming need for medications

- Carry medications in correctly labeled containers

Travel insurance recommended

– Available through your travel agency

- Healthcare (including dental)

- Trip interruption

- Lost baggage

Money Exchange

- ATMs offer the best exchange rates – you can exchange at the airport.

- Use bank ATMs.

- Avoid exchanging money at commercial bureaus and hotels (they often have the highest exchange rates).

- Credit cards with computer chips can be used. Be prepared to have to sign the receipt.


- Tours originate at the Glasgow Airport Holiday Inn lobby at 11:00 a.m. on the first day of the tour. It is located across the street from the airport terminal immediately west of the parking lot.