Clan MacMillan 7-day Lochaber Gathering and Tour.

Following are some considerations for preparing for your Highland Roots Ancestral Tour and Gathering. The better prepared, the more enjoyable you'll find the experience.

Passports, visas and customs

A. Must hold a valid passport (best if current within 6 months prior to and 6 months after tour dates).

B. Meet requirements of UK immigration regulations.

C. Visitors from USA, Canada, Australia or New Zealand can stay up to 6 months with return ticket and funds to cover the trip.

D. Know rules/regulations for what you can bring into the country and if tax applies. See detailed information about these issues.


A. Expect rain - bring rain jacket/poncho.

B. Temperatures will be chilly (even in summer months) - bring warm, winter clothing.

C. Expect long walks - bring comfortable walking shoes.


A. Have letter from physician confirming need for medications

B. Carry in correctly labeled containers

Travel insurances recommended - available through your travel agency.

A. Healthcare

B. Trip interruption

C. Lost baggage

Money exchange

A. ATMs offer the best money exchange rates – you can exchange at the airport.

B. Avoid exchanging money at commercial bureaus and hotels, which often have the highest transaction rates.

C. Credit cards can be used; however, some establishments in Scotland might not accept your credit card unless you have a computer chip embedded in it (Chase Bank is now offering credit cards with microchips) - expect confusion when you arrive in Scotland regarding the use of credit cards with magnetic strips.


All current tours originate in either Glasgow or Inverness. Find information about airline travel specific to these and other airports in Scotland at the website.

A photo over Loch Tay illustrates a number of atmospheric conditions in one photo: sunshine, rain and fog, all of which were experienced within a half hour.

For more information regarding UK travel rules/regulations consult

Due to space and transport concerns, please limit baggage to two suitcases per couple plus carry-ons.

We will be having one formal event with the clan chief. Please bring appropriate attire for a "dressy" (black tie, if available) evening.

For the comfort of all travelers, this is a non-smoking gathering. Tobacco use is restricted outside the hotels, restaurants, transportation and tourist sites.

"It was magical and the trip of a lifetime."
- Fran