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The Clan MacMillan 2020 Lochaber & Perthshire Tour will take place August 30 to September 9. We'll visit Clan MacMillan historical sites, battlefields, palaces, castles, museums, film sites and more. See more details about this tour...

In-depth history

All tours will be accompanied by Highland historian Graeme Mackenzie, MA providing in-depth insight into that clan's lands, sites and history. Graeme has spent his career researching and disseminating Scottish Highland history, and writing numerous books. He is historian and genealogist for both Clans MacKenzie and MacMillan. Read more about Graeme's credentials.

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Tour guides Carol and Graeme in Sterling Castle.

All you need do is show up.

Highland Roots Ancestral Tours, LLC will take care of the rest, providing room and board, restaurant reservations, transportation, reservations at any museums or other historical sites requiring them.

Experience a worry-free experience that allows you to concentrate on your clan's history, Scotland's stunning scenery and the company of your clanspeople.

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Our tours feature luxury buses with all the conveniences.

Tours for families or clans.

We organize and host tours for both family groups and Scottish clans. Contact us about designing a historical tour and gathering for your clan or family group. Learn more about organizing tours for your clan.

See a list of currently available clan tours.

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MacMillans prepare to tour the Glencoe Visitors Centre.